arpie gennetian najarian

| artist’s statement

My artwork begins with a strong foundation in graphic design and drawing. As a graphic
designer, composition, color, and the simple beauty of typographic forms inspire me. My love
for drawing grew out of a desire to understand abstraction and quickly developed into a passion for creating lines. These drawings, together with selections from my growing collection of paper and printed typography serve as a starting point to creating my works on paper. The process
of my art making is like uncovering a story that is just waiting to be told. Whether it’s my paper narratives, drawings with ink & thread, or daily pencil sketches, my work seeks to tell the story
of life’s everyday moments.

Each paper narrative is designed first by collecting, cropping, then hand cutting my own
drawings and other found papers into circles. For me, the continuous line of a circle not only creates a sense of balance, but becomes another form of drawing using scissors. I use a grid
as my background and play with the cut circles, contemplating color combinations and balanced compositions until a story slowly starts to reveal itself. One stitch holds each circle in place.
Using a needle and thread connects me to my medz mayrig (grandmother). She not only taught me how to sew but also taught me the importance of recognizing beautiful things in your everyday life.